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Adrenal Crisis Advice

In this time of transition with the Coronavirus or COVID-19 creating changes in our lives it is most important for all of those who have Primary Adrenal Insufficiency and Addison disease not to be fearful. There is absolutely no evidence from the World Health Organisation or Science that those with adrenal insufficiency are at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19. Please stay with the same treatment advice as given to you by your doctor. If you become unwell take up those sick day rules and then contact your doctor as would those without adrenal insufficiency.

Please do NOT stress out over what you may read or see in the social media. Our daily news is proving to everybody how ill advisedly many are acting and delivering their opinions. There is an excellent poster the British designed pre-World War Two which said of the coming event “Keep Calm and Carry On” It was extremely successful in motivating and reassuring that large population and preventing it from going into a state of panic.

You are not alone nor forgotten and your daily treatment has not changed so please continue with enjoying your life.