About Us

The Leukodystrophy Resource; Research Organisation Incorporated (LRRO) and the Australasian Leukodystrophy Foundation (ALF) were started by Bob Wyborn to meet an urgent Australasian need to supply and support Resources and Research into all the Leukodystrophies and those Leukoencephalopathies that may be closely allied. Bob became involved after his 11-year-old son Brendan died from Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) in 1999.

Both Australian organisations are based in Queensland with an extensive network throughout Australia and the world. The ALF is the overseas arm whilst the LRRO operates in Australia. These organisations are very informative, educative and actively pursuing the latest progression in scientific, medical and social research, which will enhance the lives of those, affected by Leukodystrophy and their families and friends. The web sites have the same content.

The goal is to maximise the care to the Leukodystrophy families of Australasia and to enable them to access all available resources and to be part of the worlds research programs. The holistic approach taken will advance the ultimate aim of determining a cure for the individual Leukodystrophies.