Words for the New Year

Another year has come around and like all New Years it brings many changes, hopes, fears and opportunities. As an almost silent contributor I would like to change that this year and particularly for those with any Leukodystrophy or life restricting disorder or disease. For those who have recently received the news that themself, or a loved one or ones have been diagnosed with an incurable disorder I send you the promise that you will be supported and loved now, during and always. There is nothing fair about this diagnosis; nor are there words to act as an analgesic for your indescribable pain.

For all those who are struggling tenaciously with the day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute acts of love, which keep your loved ones, clothed, fed, medicated and nurtured I honour you. Whilst you would have it no other way and feel that it is the least you can do, it is very tiring both physically and emotionally. I would that you receive sustenance from all those that love you.

There are also many whose lives are now committed to discovering a new place to find their loved one. It is not a short sojourn but a progress with much pain, tears and an eventual destination. It is one that is taken individually but shared collectively.  The fare is the price of your love.

I, the Australasian Leukodystrophy Foundation and the Leukodystrophy Resource & Research Organisation Inc. commit to supporting you at every level that you experience. There is a very strong base of knowledge that can support you emotionally, financially, spiritually and with an enviably high level of knowledge of all the Leukodystrophies throughout Australasia.

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