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How your membership helps Leukodystrophy

Membership is available to anyone interested in supporting the mission of the LRRO. Being a member assists us in:

  • Providing information and education about the Leukodystrophies and leading-edge research to find a cure for this heart-breaking collection of disorders
  • Raising community awareness of the Leukodystrophies
  • Facilitating clinical and quality of life research
  • Improving patient services
  • Representing healthcare/medical interests of patients to government policy makers

The individual/family membership provides:

  • Support for families who are affected by a Leukodystrophy. We are a phone call away if you need help or advice.
  • Access to scientific papers and articles, and links to important information
  • Access to leading scientists, clinicians and specialised allied health care practitioners who know about and understand all of  the Leukodystrophies and are best placed to help you and your family
  • Second opinions and advice on the best current practice available from acknowledged Australian and overseas experts
  • Confidential access to other Leukodystrophy families
  • An opportunity to be a part of at an expanding board of the LRRO. This gives you the chance to have your say in policy issues.

If you or a member of your family is affected by a Leukodystrophy and have difficulty in paying the membership fee, please feel free to contact me at

A professional membership provides you with:

  • Access to scientific papers, articles, videos and links to important information
  • Evidence-based publications
  • Exclusive access to professional medical handouts
  • Access to a larger data and knowledge base on all Leukodystrophies
  • The opportunity to make a real contribution to effective research
  • The opportunity to make a positive move towards the ultimate aim: a cure
  • The opportunity to play a significant role in monitoring the validity of the content of this website
  • The opportunity to be on our scientific advisory panel.

As a financial member you have the opportunity to vote in the annual election of board members.

We are a charity and receive no government funding and rely heavily on Community support.  Your money only goes towards helping support people affected by Leukodystrophy.

Your membership also contributes to helping families access resources they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.