Educational Webinars

Educational Videos #1 | A 10 minute overview of ALD

Educational Videos #2 | AMN Exercise Video

This video was created by Ben Lenail, a 48-year old AMN patient, to highlight possible exercises (weight-bearing, balance, core strength, Pilates) for adult men and women suffering from AMN.

This video starts with a 4-minute animated “whiteboard tutorial” on the physical limitations of individuals with AMN, and then shows Ben’s exercise routine.

bluebird bio YouTube channel

What are genes?

Educational Videos #3 | An Introduction to Genomics 1:1
How can your genome affects your health

What is gene therapy?

Gene therapy for CCALD

Introduction to Genomics 1.1: How can your genome affect your health? from Genomics Education on Vimeo.

Educational Videos #4 | Stem Cell Transplant

Educational Videos #5 | Gene Therapy for CCALD

Educational Videos #6 | Drawn to Science: Clinical Trials

Educational Videos #7 | Young ALD Carriers: Our stories


Webinar #1  I Just Got Diagnosed, Now What?

*Please note- The link to the ALD guidelines that was shown on a couple of the slides is incorrect.  The correct link is

Doctor Patient Webinar #2 | Save The Boys Summer Campaign

Doctor Patient Webinar #3 | Understand Walking

Doctor Patient Webinar #4 | Clinical Trials for ALD

The Invisible Family Member Webinar #5

Reflection Health: The Vera Webinar #6

Bone Marrow Transplantation for ALD Webinar #7

Women with ALD Webinar #8